Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Can Go Backwards

My latest obsession isn't crafty and it isn't going very well.
I have a new (to me) big girl camera. But no lenses yet. *sigh* So that's why I haven't been a very prolific blogger lately. It irks me to have to use the little point-and-shoot when there is an awesome camera on the shelf mocking me.
I am happy to report that my knitting is going much better. I can even go backward now!
I started on the different pattern with some success. Then, when I had enough rows done to make it a tragedy... I screwed up. So I HAD to figure out how to remove the needle, unravel my hard work and figure out how to get it back in. I'm halfway done so I should be able to show you guys in the near future.
In other news, I have my very first customer in my Etsy shop. That's REALLY exciting.
I'm working on aprons right now and a tutorial for a vintage-style apron. I have big plans and lots of good stuff coming up and, hopefully, better pictures of it all.

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