Monday, March 15, 2010


This feels a little anti-climatic. After all the whining I've done it seems like I should have something a little more exciting than a picture of the thing laying on the table. But I'm coming down off a birthday cake high so you'll have to wait for a day when I'm not feeling so fat and schlumpy to see a "modeled" picture of the scarf. So here it is:

In person it is actually gorgeous (due to the yarn, not my skillz), super soft and fluid.
This stitch was so easy, I wondered why it was rated intermediate. The instructions for the wrap did include some decreasing which I totally ignored. I just cast on 37 stitches and ran with the standard instructions. Thank you Berroco.
Alicia was right, the hard won battles mean the most. I'm going to wear this thing until its 80 degrees outside. And if anyone asks me if I made my scarf, instead of demurring, I'm going to say Yes I Did!
If they ever come out of their hidey hole, I'll introduce you to the newest members of the SimpleHeart family.

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