Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Monkeying Around

I've been eyeing this sheet the past couple of times we visited the thrift shop. It was $1.99 but since I didn't have anything specific in mind for it, I kept passing it up. But this time it was on sale for 75% off! Of course, I couldn't pass on that. Any suggestions?

Then I spotted this:
The tag said full-sized sheet, but I saw the buttons running down one side and knew better. A duvet cover for $2.99, with a cute monkey! You can't beat that with a stick.

I'm taking a break from canning and wanted to show off my treasures. Now I'm off to load up the canner again. Is it weird that I love that little snap sound the lids make when they are sealing? Yes? Oh well, story of my life.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

pin cushion

I have a sister-in-law who is creative with paper crafts and can do some amazing things with family photos (whereas mine are languishing in the hard drive or shoe boxes). She has recently taken an interest in sewing and stopped by for some pointers on how to get along with her machine. I am, of course, the perfect person to ask as all of my machine meltdowns are met with complete grace and composure. And if your child is in Sunday School with my daughter, I have no idea where she learned that word.
So I wanted to make her a "Welcome to Sewing" gift and decided on a pin cushion. I used the free pattern from this site and included my BFF: a stitch ripper.

I love these buttons and wish I were a better photographer so you could see how they catch the light and sparkle.

Friday, September 11, 2009

meringue pie makes me nervous

I once had a cat named Willy. One day after having left a lemon meringue pie on the kitchen counter to cool, I walked in to find a third of it gone and Willy buried neck-deep in the remaining two-thirds. I let out a screech and he popped out wild eyed and covered in sticky meringue. I haven't had a cat since who showed a weakness for pastries, but I always get nervous that I'll find my pie has been wrecked by a feline.

So I'm sure by now word has gotten around about my witty and informative blog and I've attracted legions of followers. Maybe one of you super-cool people could tell me what I'm doing wrong with my meringue? This is a picture of the 4-egg meringue I made yesterday. Shouldn't it be, um, bigger? A little more voluminous?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

fungus fun

We've been impatiently waiting for a good rain and last week the sky let loose. So this weekend found us in the woods hunting for little spots of orange under the trees. We found quite a few for this early in the year.
I didn't find the first one of the year (we always have a little contest) but this is the first one I found.
We still had a few left last night so I made pizza with chanterelles. Mmmm. It was out-of-this-world-yummy. I was a little worried that the fabulous taste of the mushrooms would be lost in the flavor mish-mash; but really it made a great pizza. Here is some of the leftover 3-cheese with mushroom variety.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Circle Skirt

They say your way of thinking completely changes when you have kids and I find that to be true. For example, I hadn't really thought about it but after cruising the toy section I realized Barbie is a little trampy.
"Whaaat", you say. "The venerable doll who has entertained generations of little girls? "
Don't believe me? I have evidence to back my claim. Seriously, do you go camping in strappy platform sandals? Does your veterinarian/pediatrician/daycare provider, etc. wear a mini skirt? Do you know anyone who owns silver vinyl capris?

So what's a mama worried about role models to do? Not buy impossibly skinny dolls Make your own clothes, of course!

Here is our best doll modeling her new circle skirt. The plan is to make a few outfits to wrap up in time for Christmas. I think a new doll (and a top) is in order.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


We stopped at our (sorta) local thrift store today and found some treasures. Tuesdays are 20% off and they add that to their tag sales, so you can really add up the savings. Like the alarm clock I got for 90 cents. WooHoo! And I do specifically want one, I didn't just get it because it was a sweet deal. I'm trying to set up an Etsy shop and find there just isn't enough time in my day if I get up when I hear the baby's first holler. But I'm not much of a morning person so...
Buggy (oldest daughter) picked out a bag of pop beads (I'm a sucker for anything I remember from my own childhood). And my favorite? Its a toss-up between my new handbag ($2.29) and this: