Saturday, September 5, 2009

Circle Skirt

They say your way of thinking completely changes when you have kids and I find that to be true. For example, I hadn't really thought about it but after cruising the toy section I realized Barbie is a little trampy.
"Whaaat", you say. "The venerable doll who has entertained generations of little girls? "
Don't believe me? I have evidence to back my claim. Seriously, do you go camping in strappy platform sandals? Does your veterinarian/pediatrician/daycare provider, etc. wear a mini skirt? Do you know anyone who owns silver vinyl capris?

So what's a mama worried about role models to do? Not buy impossibly skinny dolls Make your own clothes, of course!

Here is our best doll modeling her new circle skirt. The plan is to make a few outfits to wrap up in time for Christmas. I think a new doll (and a top) is in order.

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  1. It's Chante'! I love checking out your site! (you crack me up) Barbie is indeed trampy! I love the skirt and idea to make her appropriate. :-) See you Sunday!