Friday, September 11, 2009

meringue pie makes me nervous

I once had a cat named Willy. One day after having left a lemon meringue pie on the kitchen counter to cool, I walked in to find a third of it gone and Willy buried neck-deep in the remaining two-thirds. I let out a screech and he popped out wild eyed and covered in sticky meringue. I haven't had a cat since who showed a weakness for pastries, but I always get nervous that I'll find my pie has been wrecked by a feline.

So I'm sure by now word has gotten around about my witty and informative blog and I've attracted legions of followers. Maybe one of you super-cool people could tell me what I'm doing wrong with my meringue? This is a picture of the 4-egg meringue I made yesterday. Shouldn't it be, um, bigger? A little more voluminous?


  1. Erika - Your meringue looks yummy. Don't know the steps you used to make it, but if you want more volume, perhaps whipping it in the Kitchen Aid with
    the wire whisk a bit longer, about 2 minutes will
    help. Did you put 1/4 tsp of corn starch in with
    the egg whites and sugar?

  2. Oops, I meant cream of tarter, not corn starch.