Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Knitting Knews

I told you about the fuzzy yarn I bought and my plans to make a scarf. And I believe I mentioned that knitting does not come easily for me; this time is no exception. I found this free pattern on the Berroco site and gave it an honest try.


See the pretty ribbing? I so wanted to make this.


But I lost count of all the times I had to rip the whole thing out. I don't know how to fix mistakes, you see. I can only go forward, so when I drop a stitch or make a mistake I just sit there dumbfounded. Trying to go backward and unknit stitches makes me want to stab myself in the eye with the needle and forget about taking the needle out and ripping stitches with the intention of putting the needle back in. So when the first few yards of the beautiful (and expensive) yarn started to show wear from my fumbling, I realized I needed a Plan B.
If I wanted to wear the thing anytime before August, something different had to happen. I told myself that knitting any kind of pattern would just have to wait until the girls are a little older. I have enough trouble without somebody asking me for a cup of juice in the middle of a 'knit back and front of stitch'.
So, I did all three skeins in basic knit stitch and came up short. When I went back to the yarn shop for another skein and forked over another $8, I started having second thoughts. If I was going to pay that much for yarn I should use it to make what I really want, not what is good enough. Right?
Right. So I tried anew with the fresh skein of yarn (much to the confusion of Mr. SimpleHeart). And lemme tell you, its not going any better.
Then I read this post on Posie Gets Cozy and it really resonated. But just keep knitting knowing full well that you've made a mistake and being OK with that? Not likely to happen here, that's a sure way to bring the eye twitch back.

So now what? When I was looking around on the Berroco site for the scarf picture, I found this:


Oooo, purty. Never mind that its rated Intermediate, I shouldn't let that discourage me.

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