Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Perfect Storm

My eye is twitching, its too much.
The delivery man just dropped off a package of new books including this one:

pattern book

Remember this post when I mentioned I'd like to splurge on some delicious yarn? The really tiny town I live in has a really great yarn shop! I'd never visited before so I almost died when I walked in and saw the floor to ceiling cubbies and baskets filled with yummy, soft yarn. And a table with chairs where a couple of ladies were knitting and clucking about grandbabies. It was all so wonderful but I forced myself to make a decision and came home with this:

This yarn is a wool, alpaca and silk blend and it. is. heavenly. *squeals* I am not blessed with knitting skills but with yarn that is such a pleasure to hold in your hand, who cares!

Plus, I have some corduroy that I found on the sale rack when JoAnn was having the 50% sale. It has an acorn print, which Buggy is wild about, so I've been working on a jumper for her. I took a few pictures and I'd really like to finish because I'm excited to share them with you guys.

I'm surrounded by fabulousness and I just want to immerse myself in everything at once. So now you're wondering how all this combines to make a perfect storm?

1. The landlady is visiting on Friday so I need to kick some of the toys under the couch and try to keep the house somewhat clean until then.

2. The baby is getting 4 teeth all at once.

Just like that.

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