Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm gonna do it


Since I started this blog I've been telling you its so I can shamelessly hawk my Etsy Shop. Except it doesn't exist. Well, actually it does. Its just sitting there sad and empty.

A lot of things have been holding me back:

#1-I'm a weenie. Have you been there lately (Etsy, I mean)? Its full of fabulously talented creative people. I feel out-classed when I look at the things other people are making.

#2-I'm stinky (at graphics, I mean). But I kept plugging away at it and I finally made a banner and avatar that I'm not mortified to put up in my shop. You could stop by and tell me what you think if you have a minute.

#3-It would be insanity to start up my shop smack in the middle of the Christmas rush. Or that's what I was telling myself during December. Now we're halfway through January, so what's my excuse?

I guess I'm just being a weenie now. I need to set a goal. Yup, like 'I will open my shop by the end of this week'.

Did I just say that?

Should I poke "publish post" and let you all see that I just said that?

Cause then I'd HAVE to do it!

*deep breath*

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