Saturday, January 2, 2010

Photography Attempts

I've been experimenting with taking my camera off of the auto setting. So yesterday when we went for a drive, it was a perfect opportunity to try some of my new-found knowledge. Some of the results were truly lame:

And sometimes I take a shot that gives me hope that I won't always be stinky at photography:

It has been pretty typical Oregon weather lately (hallelujah, single-digit weather does not amuse me) so the streams were full and rushing along. Around every corner was a surprise waterfall created by the run-off water. This photo is actually taken on a bridge (mossy surface in the foreground) over a creek. I set the aperture as high and as low as my camera would allow for two different photos. This photo is the one with the aperture set high (8.0 with ISO at 100) and I like the flow-y look it gives the water.
If you're interested in learning a little more about photography, I like the articles on Pioneer Woman's site. They give enough information to inspire me without making my head hurt.

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