Thursday, February 4, 2010

And the winner is...

This has been a week of disappointments, both blogity and otherwise, so at first I was feeling down because my giveaway was a dismal failure.

But then I thought about the people who did comment. First, Erin, whom I emailed out of the blue regarding including her blog in my Why Cast Iron? series. She has been friendly and supportive of my little endeavors from the start. I'd be disappointed if she didn't win.

Then, last night, I let out a whoop that made Mr. SimpleHeart jump and say "Whaa?". I squealed, "A celebrity commented on my giveaway". His eyebrows shot up so I had to clarify what celebrity means to me. She's not in movies or a famous band; Rachel (of One Pretty Thing) is a craft blog rock star! I just visit her site every day to see what goodies she has rounded up from all the talented craft bloggers out there, no need to spend all day online. If I want to make something and I'm wondering if a tutorial is available, I don't Google it, I use the search feature on her website. She has single-handedly saved my children from eating canned soup for dinner every night. I'd be disappointed if she didn't win.

So, random number generator, I say phoey on you. I'll give skillet mitts to whomever I dang well please. I'll be contacting both "winners" to see what size mitts they prefer.

1 comment:

  1. Ooh I'm hangin' with a celebrity! :) I love it, and I am SO excited to see the goodies. You know they'll be put to good use here!!