Thursday, May 6, 2010

It ain't easy being cool

I'm honestly trying to get my assigned garment done by the sew-along deadline this time.

I guess first I should explain what happened to the skirt I made. No, I did not set it on fire. What I did was rip the whole thing apart and take it in a little at the side seams. It didn't fit as smoothly after that, but it was doable. Then, a short time later, I bent over to pick something up off the floor and ripped the pants I was wearing.
Goo fell out.
Not good.
So...I cut back on the Oreo cookies and other things that make life worth living and managed to lose a few pounds. Now the skirt fits loose again. I need to just start over. bleh.

So on to the t-shirt. My upper body measurements have not changed since age 14 (stupid Titty Fairy), so I figured it would be a safe project to tackle.
Things were going great until I slipped it on and realized I'd done something waaay wrong when I measured my shoulders:

Yeah, those aren't sleeves, that's over-hang.
So, I can pretend I did it on purpose and call them kimono-flutter sleeves or I can hack off the excess and see what happens when I attach the sleeves. But wait! I drafted the sleeves to fit into the original armhole. gaaa!
So should I unpick it and try to fix my jacked up pieces? Something tells me that unpicking knit material is not fun.
Or scrap the whole thing, redo my shoulder measurements, and go see what other kinds of knits Joann has on the clearance rack?
I think I'll go hit the Oreo's.


  1. I actually really like the way those 'sleeves' look, I've been trying to figure out how to do that on purpose! If the rest of the fit is good I'd keep it the way it is. But also put a pin in at you actual shoulders and then transfer the measurements to your paper pattern.

  2. I do like the way they look (if you want to make 'sleeves' like this, keep your other measurements the same but give yourself linebacker shoulders?) but they're unfinished. The thought of leaving them that way makes me feel...twitchy. This is a heavier rib knit so I can't hem them without somehow easing the excess fabric into the curve. Maybe a trim of some kind sewn on so that I can tuck the raw edge under? I thought about making it sleeveless and finishing it with a band like the neck but I'm afaid that would look too muscle shirt-y.