Monday, February 8, 2010

Its Too Quiet

That makes me nervous. What do you suppose they are doing?
Oh, there they are.

What's so interesting? What could have possibly held their attention for so long they forgot to argue about who is getting the sippy cup?
A little deer is tearing up my carefully manicured lawn!
Ooo, the landscaper is going to be livid!
I'll zoom in so you can have a closer look. He looks pretty rough. We have a parasite in this area that makes the deer shed their hair in weird clumps and patches. Poor little guy.

Wait! Don't feel too bad for Scruffy. See that iris behind him that is just beginning to come up? Yep, gone.


  1. Ha ha! Doesn't it make you so nervous when kids get too quiet? How old are they?

  2. The oldest will be 5 next month and my "baby" is 15 months. She has honed her climbing skills so she can now get up on a chair(that's why she is the taller of the two in the photo) and from there onto the kitchen table. I swear they're not happy unless I have angina.

  3. I love your girls :-) The kids are asking to come visit. :-) Love the deer pictures!